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Pesticide News Story: EPA Extends the OPP/DfE Antimicrobial Pesticide Pilot Project

For Release: April 27, 2013

Upon consultation with the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee, the EPA has extended the Office of Pesticide Programs Design for the Environment Antimicrobial Pesticide Pilot Project for an additional 2 years, until May 3, 2015. This 2-year extension permits the continued use of the OPP/DfE logo for those products currently under the Pilot and for OPP to examine the possible expansion of the chemicals/products to sectors beyond the antimicrobial universe.  Currently, the Pilot Project permits the use of an OPP/DfE logo on qualifying antimicrobial pesticide labels. A product is only allowed to carry the OPP/DfE logo if each ingredient is among the safest in its ingredient class. Additionally, the product as a whole has to meet safety criteria. To see a list of authorized DfE products and for more information about the Design for the Environment Antimicrobial Pesticide Pilot Project, please visit http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/regulating/labels/design-dfe-pilot.html.

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