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EPA Extends and Expands Label Statement Pilot Program; Encourages Environmental Sustainability

For Release: December 13, 2013

First launched in January 2010 as a 36-month pilot, the Label Statement Pilot Program is being extended until May 2015 and is expanding to include an additional label claim for all qualifying pesticides. The original pilot allowed three types of factual label claims intended for antimicrobial products only:

The expanded program includes a fourth claim that is not limited to antimicrobial pesticide products – the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s BioBased Product Certification Mark. The expanded pilot will further help promote environmental sustainability by making consumers aware of products that are formulated in part or entirely with renewable, biobased resources.

USDA BioBased Certification – EPA will permit for the purposes and duration of this pilot the “USDA Certified BioBased Product” certification mark to be placed on the product label, provided it is accompanied by an acceptable disclaimer statement clarifying that the certification mark does not imply safety of the product and that users must read and follow all label instructions. Learn about USDA’s BioPreferred program and the USDA BioBased product certification, including how to apply for that certification.

Pesticide registrants wishing to take part in this program should follow the instructions for the pilot project. The EPA Office of Pesticide Programs and the Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee Workgroup on the Label Statements worked together to identify the four types of factual claims that would generally not be misleading and could be easily reviewed and approved by EPA. For background on the original pilot and the public process used to develop it, please see the Pesticide Product Labeling Workgroup Web pages covering Comparative Safety Statements.

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