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Updated Label Review Manual Chapter on Pesticide Storage and Disposal Available

For Release: August 9, 2013

The Office of Pesticide Programs’ Labeling Consistency Committee has completed revisions and updates to Chapter 13 of the Label Review Manual. The Label Review Manual provides guidance to both EPA reviewers and the pesticide industry on what is required and recommended for each part of a pesticide product label in order for the agency to approve the label. This chapter, dealing with storage and disposal statements on labels, has been updated to clearly reflect the requirements of the 2006 “container-containment” rule, which specified improvements to storage and disposal practices. Prior to revising the chapter, the committee collected comments from the public − primarily the pesticide industry − and state regulators. The revised chapter is posted on our website at http://www.epa.gov/oppfead1/labeling/lrm/chap-13.pdf. Four chapters remain to be edited before this phase of updating the 18-chapter LRM is complete.

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