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Pesticide News Story: EPA Releases Assessment of PCNB Bioaccumulation and Long Range Transport Potential

For Release: May 6, 2013

The EPA is releasing an assessment of the potential for bioaccumulation and long-range transport of the organochlorine fungicide pentachloronitrobenzene (PCNB) and its degradates and contaminants. This assessment, titled, 2008 Science Advisory Panel Meeting Follow-Up: Assessment of the Bioaccumulation and Long-Range Transport Potential (LRTP) and[sic] of Pentachloronitrobenzene (PCNB) and Associated Ecological Risks (March 2010), incorporates many of the recommendations of the FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel that met in October 2008 on approaches for evaluating pesticides characterized as persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic.

The newly released assessment builds on and refines an earlier analysis of the bioaccumulative potential of PCNB, on which the agency’s 2006 reregistration decision was based. The EPA’s July 2006 Reregistration Eligibility Decision for PCNB concluded that most uses of PCNB were not eligible for reregistration, partly because of the risks associated with the environmental fate characteristics of PCNB and its degradates. The EPA terminated uses on home lawns and ornamentals, and sites such as parks, playgrounds, schoolyards and areas around apartments and daycare facilities, resolving concerns about exposures to homeowners, children and others. The agency also reduced allowable amounts of PCNB on certain crops, mitigating dietary risk concerns. More recently, the agency amended labels to reduce risks to workers who mix, load and apply PCNB. Thus, most PCNB uses have been eliminated or restricted in recent years.

PCNB is currently used to control diseases on vegetables, field crops, golf courses and ornamentals in commercial production. This assessment is important to the consideration of risks and benefits of the remaining pesticide products containing PCNB. Risks to wildlife, both terrestrial and aquatic, remain to be addressed. The EPA will consider the newly released bioaccumulation assessment and other scientific studies as part of its ongoing reevaluation of PCNB.

The agency’s 2010 assessment, 2006 PCNB RED and related documents are available in docket EPA-HQ-OPP-2004-0202 at www.regulations.gov. Note: Some information in the cover memo and the assessment itself has been redacted to protect information that the company believes is entitled to confidential treatment.


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