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EPA Announces Revised Interim Guidance for Efficacy Evaluations of Products Making Clostridium Difficile Claims

For Release: June 25, 2014

The Environmental Protection Agency is revising the interim guidance for conducting efficacy evaluations of products making sporicidal claims against Clostridium difficile. Antimicrobial pesticide registrants and the laboratories that provide data to support their registrations should begin using the new Guidance for the Efficacy Evaluation of Products with Sporicidal Claims Against Clostridium difficile. The new guidelines will help ensure that EPA-registered antimicrobial pesticides are effective against C. difficile, which is especially critical in health care settings.

The methods that are utilized have not changed since the initial guidance was issued in 2009. The Agency is adding specificity to the procedures based on the results of two collaborative studies, research conducted by the Agency and stakeholders, as well as input received during laboratory workshops.

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