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Updated Conditional Pesticide Registration Web Page Now Available

For Release: April 15, 2014

EPA has updated the conditional pesticide registration Web page to enhance transparency and to provide additional information about conditional pesticide registrations.  With this update, we are adding a table showing all pesticide active ingredients initially registered under the conditional registration authority in FIFRA from FY 2000 to the present. This analysis shows that the vast majority of registrants had submitted the data, and EPA had completed data review. Overall, the analysis of the data supports EPA’s findings at the time of the initial product registrations that the pesticides were properly reviewed and labeled.

The table includes information on registration dates for the first product containing the active ingredient and the data requirements imposed as part of the registration, as well as the date those data were/are due to the agency.  EPA will update this table periodically.

This update is responsive to recommendations in a recent Government Accountability Office report, which found that the number of conditional registrations granted was unclear and recommended that we improve our website and complete our plans to automate conditional registration data. This action is one more step toward an automated tracking system.

The link to the table is located on the Conditional Pesticide Registration Web page in the resource box at http://www2.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/conditional-pesticide-registration.

As background, before granting a conditional registration, EPA must determine that use of the pesticide would not significantly increase the risk of unreasonable adverse effects on the environment during the time needed to generate data. An EPA analysis of conditional registrations in 2012 confirmed that of the products for which the conditional registrations were examined, no conditional registration resulted in unreasonable adverse effects on the environment.  That is, upon receipt and review of data submitted as a condition of registration, EPA’s original safety determination was confirmed by the new information.

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