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EPA Announces Final Plan for Federal Certification of Pesticide Applicators within Indian Country

For Release: February 6, 2014

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is releasing the EPA Plan for the Federal Certification of Applicators of Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs) within Indian Country. The EPA is taking this step to make RUPs available for use in Indian country where no current certification mechanisms exist. This action will give pesticide applicators who apply or seek to apply in Indian country access to the same pest control tools available elsewhere in the United States and ensure that these applicators have met competency standards.

The full text of the EPA Plan is available online at Federal Certification to Apply Restricted Use Pesticides in Indian Country. Tribes participated in the development of this new plan through consultations and through EPA’s Tribal Pesticide Program Council.

Generally, state pesticide applicator certifications are not valid in Indian country, and most areas of Indian country do not have other certification mechanisms. If you intend to apply RUPs in Indian country, please refer to the EPA Plan Web page to see what areas are covered by this plan and if you need a federal certification.

To apply for certification to apply Restricted Use Pesticides in Indian Country:

If you are a dealer of RUPs in Indian Country:

If you have additional questions, ask your EPA Regional Contact.

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