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National Poison Prevention Week: Simple Steps You Can Take to Prevent Poisoning

During National Poison Prevention Week, March 16-22, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is highlighting the dangers of removing pesticides and other household chemicals from their original containers and storing them in bottles or cans that can be mistaken for beverages. According to recently published poison-center data, annually more than 145,000 calls to poison centers involved disinfectants and other pesticides. Moreover, based on data from 1998-2009, the California Poison Control System and the Central California Children's Hospital identified more than 1,400 cases of accidental poisoning caused by storage of non-food substances in soda bottles, unmarked bottles, cups or glasses. Most poisoning happens in people's homes and is preventable. Here are tips to help prevent poisoning:

Remove children, pets and toys before applying pesticides (inside or outside the home). Read label directions to determine when children and pets can re-enter the area that has been treated.

More information about poisoning prevention in your home: http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/health/poisonprevention.htm.

For resources and more information about National Poison Prevention Week: http://www.poisonprevention.org/poison.htm Exit EPA disclaimer

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