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Pesticide News Story: EPA Updates Web Page on Child-Resistant Packaging for Pesticides

For Release: January 20, 2006

EPA has updated some of the information on its Web site relating to child-resistant packaging (CRP) for pesticides. The Agency has added a section entitled “Submitting Data Electronically” to inform stakeholders that as of February 28, 2006, EPA requests that CRP protocol test data be made available to the Agency on a CD-R (readable only) rather than a 3.5-inch floppy disk, as previously requested by PR Notice 97-9. The Agency is replacing the 3.5-inch floppy disk drives on its computers with CD/DVD readers.

The Agency also has made corrections and additions to its Quick Reference Guide’s CRP Testing Firms and CRP Manufacturers Lists and to the child-resistant packaging description files. The Agency has added links to CRP PR Notices 96-2 and 97-9, and a link to a CRP Consultants List. The Quick Reference Guide connects the user to four indices and the various CRP descriptions with their photographs. The ASTM Type index connects the user to the actual CRP package description and photograph documents. An Adobe Acrobat 5.0 reader or higher is required to view the CRP package description and photograph documents.

Any questions should be addressed to Rosalind L. Gross (Gross.Rosalind@epa.gov) by telephone at (703) 308-7368, fax (703) 308-9382.


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