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Pesticide News Story: New Pesticide Registration Notice Gives Official Instructions for Transmitting Information to OPP's New Location

For Release: April 14, 2006

Only 11 Working Days Until the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP) Moves to its New Location!

OPP will be moving to a new location during the first week of May 2006. Effective May 8, 2006, EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs' new location will be:

One Potomac Yard (map) Exit EPA disclaimer
2777 S. Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA 22202

Please note that this is the physical address of the new building; see below for mailing address.

Latest Development:

OPP has updated and is reissuing, in the form of a Pesticide Registration (PR) Notice, its guidance for registrants to ensure the efficient and timely processing and routing of mail received by OPP. Earlier PR Notices on this subject, identified as 2000-4 and 2004-1, provided instructions for submitting various types of applications or other submissions to OPP's current offices in Crystal Mall 2, Arlington, Va. The new PR Notice, 2006-1, updates the guidance for sending or delivering mail to OPP at its new location, and cautions against transmitting Confidential Business Information (CBI) on facsimile (fax) machines. This Notice supersedes the previous Notices and is available on OPP's Web site at http://www.epa.gov/PR_Notices/pr2006-1.pdf. It applies to all transactions to OPP by mail, hand (personal) or courier delivery, or by fax.

Other changes related to the move:

More information on the move will be sent out in Pesticide Program Updates over the coming weeks.


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