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AZM Transition Update - May 21, 2008

EPA and USDA continue to work together and co-lead a workgroup on AZM transition issues under the auspices of the EPA Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee (PPDC).  The objectives and goals of this PPDC AZM Transition Issues Workgroup include:

  1. Identifying a framework for reasonable transition towards lower risk strategies, taking into account grower concerns over economic, trade and regulatory barriers to adoption of alternatives;
  2. Identifying ways to improve understanding of the critical grower needs and perspectives of all stakeholders regarding the transition;
  3. Identifying programs/mechanisms to provide reduced-risk pest management strategies and techniques to growers – including chemical and non-chemical alternatives to AZM;
  4. Recommending ways to assist growers in their good faith efforts as they try AZM alternatives and feasible, cost-effective techniques;
  5. Fostering transparency and public participation in decision-making; and,
  6. Providing process recommendations to ensure that AZM transition progress is tracked and assessed and reported back to the PPDC.

Accomplishments Since October 2007

New Alternatives Registered
Alternative Crops Registered Date
Acetamiprid Blueberries January 2008
Chlorantraniliprole* Pome Fruit, Stone Fruit April 2008
Malathion Parsley January 2008
Methoxyfenozide Blueberries March 2008

*Chlorantraniliprole was the subject of a global review involving the European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.  In addition, this compound is scheduled for review by the JMPR in 2008.

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