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Comparative Safety Statements or Logos for Pesticide Product Labeling Workgroup

May 2012

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For more information, contact Margie Fehrenbach (fehrenbach.margie@epa.gov).


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This workgroup will address interest being expressed by the public for possible development of Agency or third party endorsements/ statements or logos on labels regarding comparative product safety.  The workgroup will make recommendations as to whether the government should pursue a policy and regulatory change in order to develop or allow these types of statements or logos.


Marty Monell, Deputy Director, Office of Pesticide Programs, EPA

Animal Welfare
Kristie Sullivan, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Education/Public Foundation
Amy Brown, Pesticide Safety Education Program, UM

Environmental/Public Interest
Caroline Cox, Center for Environmental Health
Susan Kegley, Pesticide Action Network, North America

Federal Agencies
Hampton Newsome, Federal Trade Commission
Bob Pooler, National Organic Program, USDA
Clive Davies, EPA-OPPT
Bob Perlis, EPA-OGC
David Stangel, EPA-OECA
Daniella Taveau, EPA-OCSPP
Erin Koch, EPA-OECA
Chris Kazmarek, EPA-OGC

Green Cleaning Organizations
Lauren Heine, Ph.D., Clean Production Action
Stephen Ashkin, President, The Ashkin Group

Industry/Trade Associations
Julie Spagnoli, FMC Corporation
Ray McAllister, CropLife America
Beth Law, Consumer Specialty Products Association
Pat Quinn, The Accord Group
Chris Pearce, SC Johnson
Eileen Moyer
Diane Boesenberg, Reckitt-Benckiser
Bill McCormick, Clorox
Seth Goldberg, represents ACC Biocides Panel
Bill Balek, ISSA
Jan Dhonau, Procter & Gamble
Susan Ferenc, Chemical Producers & Distributors Association

Public Health
James Roberts, Medical University of South Carolina

Retail/Consumer Focus
Richard Leahy, Wal-Mart

States/AAPCO/Local Government
Jeanine Broughel, NY State Department of Environmental Conservation
Leilani Hansen, California DPR

User/Grower Groups
Bob Rosenberg, National Pesticide Management Association
Bob LaGasse, Mulch & Soil Council

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