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PPDC Performance Measures Workgroup Meeting Notes - June 14, 2006

John Schell, BBL Sciences
James Roberts, Medical University of South Carolina
Eric Maurer, Valent USA
Steve Balling, Del Monte Foods
Tom Beidler, Syngenta
Larry Elworth, Center for Agricultural Partnerships
Isi Siddiqui, CropLife America
Michael Fry, American Bird Conservancy
Lois Rossi, EPA/OPP/Registration Division
Michael Nieves, EPA/OPP/Registration Division
Maryann Petrole, EPA/OPP/IT and Resource Management Division
Sarah Khasawinah, EPA/Office of Pesticide Programs
Tim Kiely, EPA/OPP/Biological and Economic Analysis Division
Jennifer Vernon, EPA/Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances
Sherry Sterling, EPA/Office of Pesticide Programs

Informational Presentation

Sherry Sterling gave a presentation to the group on the EPA performance measures framework which shows how the strategic plan, budget, and PART are linked together. It was agreed by the group that this framework should be presented in simplified form to the full PPDC on June 15.

Discussion with Jim Jones

Jim Jones stopped by to express his appreciation for the work of this Group, and to answer any questions. A key discussion point was that this work group had already had a major positive effect on the performance measures work. For example, the work group’s affirmation of the importance of the “other benefits” category was important in keeping this mission area in the most recent draft of the EPA Strategic Plan.

Discussion of Draft Work Group Report

“Other Benefits” Mission Area:

Human Health Mission Area:

Protect the Environment:

Preparation for Presentation to PPDC


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