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Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee Registration Review Implementation Workgroup Purpose and Members


Goal: The Agency is seeking advice on the development of dockets to begin registration review for individual cases.  The Agency's goal is to maximize the usefulness of public comments and prepare for an efficient and effective review process.

Objective:   As provided in the PPDC's Advisory Charter, EPA, or the PPDC with EPA’s approval, may form subcommittees or workgroups for any purpose consistent with this charter. Such subcommittees or workgroups may not work independently of the chartered committee and must report their recommendations and advice to the PPDC for full deliberation and discussion. Subcommittees or workgroups have no authority to make decisions on behalf of the chartered committee nor can they report directly to the EPA.

OPP asked the PPDC at its November 2006 meeting to form a work group to provide stakeholder input on several initial registration review dockets from among those opened in FY 2007.  The work group will look at the selected dockets in detail and provide input on the docketed presentation of information about the case, including OPP's thought process as expressed in the preliminary work plan in the docket.  The work group will be balanced across stake holders and may include non-PPDC members.  OPP anticipates that the group would meet for the first time in late winter or early spring, during the comment period for the first dockets opened.  The work group would report its findings to the PPDC.  The work group will have a one-year term.


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