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PPDC Work Group on 21st Century Toxicology/New Integrated Testing Strategies May 20, 2009 Teleconference/Meeting Minutes

List of Attendees:

J. Paterson offered some suggestions for metrics of success and stakeholder issues.

Metrics of Success

The task group discussed which measures might demonstrate the success of the new testing and assessment paradigm.
The following volunteered to develop metrics as a subgroup: E. Brown, C. Cox,
J. Paterson, M. Manibusan, and K. Willett.
The Metrics Subgroup was charged as follows:
  1. Develop ideas for potential metrics, including specific methods of measurement that would be used
  2. Recommend a “set” of metrics to the Work Group that would cover the broad range of measures important to the Work Group members
  3. Develop 2 sets of metrics:
    • Metrics EPA can use to track progress in moving forward
    • Conceptual ideas for metrics to be used in the future as the program becomes more broad based

Stakeholder Issues (Q&A format)

There were some suggestions for the stakeholder issues.
The following volunteered to develop a larger set of issues: E. Janus, J. Roberts, and K. Sullivan. This Issues Subgroup should plan to report to the PPDC Work Group at the June 10, 2009, meeting.

Biomarkers Tool Matrix

Aaron Niman presented the biomarkers tool matrix. EPA will incorporate comments and discuss with the Biomarkers Tool Matrix Subgroup

It was decided to move Item 3 on the May agenda, the one-day stakeholder/FACA meeting. This topic will be added to the agenda for June. Work Group members will consider ideas for the stakeholder/FACA meeting and be prepared to discuss them June 10, 2009.

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