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Field and External Affairs Division (FEAD) Contacts

FEAD is responsible for program policies and regulations; legislation and congressional interaction; regional, state, and tribal coordination and assistance; international and field programs; and communication and outreach activities. For general information on FEAD, contact the Communication Services Branch at (703) 305-5017.

Name E-Mail Phone Area of Responsibility
Immediate Office
Fax: 703-305-6244
Jacqueline E. Mosby mosby.jackie@epa.gov 703-305-7102 Director
Jay S. Ellenberger ellenberger.jay@epa.gov 703-305-7099 Deputy Director
Deborah McCray mccray.deborah@epa.gov 703-308-6128 Administrative Team Leader
Certification and Worker Protection Branch
Implements the following pesticide worker safety programs: the Agricultural Worker Protection Program, the Pesticide Applicator Certification Program, and the "Pesticides and National Strategies for Health Care Providers" Initiative.
Kevin Keaney keaney.kevin@epa.gov 703-305-7666 Branch Chief
Communication Services Branch
Fax: 703-305-5558
Communicates pesticide regulatory program decisions and activities, through facts, publications, press announcements, educational campaigns, and other communications efforts. Coordinates safety outreach for the general public.
Anne Overstreet overstreet.anne@epa.gov 703-308-8068 Branch Chief
Government International Services Branch
Fax: 703-308-1850
Coordinates OPP international program activities and serves as liaison to EPA regions, states and tribes.
Daniel A. Helfgott helfgott.daniel@epa.gov 703-308-8054 Branch Chief
Policy and Regulatory Services Branch
Fax: 703-305-5884
Develops, coordinates, and interprets policy for OPP. Acts as liaison for outside entities in the policy arena.
Martha Shimkin shimkin.martha@epa.gov 703-305-5160 Branch Chief

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