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Point-of-Sale Notification for Urban Uses of Certain Pesticides

Consistent with a Stipulated Injunction and Court Order, EPA has developed a shelf tag (PDF) (1 pg, 24K, About PDF) to help retailers inform consumers about potential risks to threatened and endangered species related to use of certain pesticides. The pesticide active ingredients to which the point-of-sale shelf tags are to be directed are listed below. The identity of the pesticide active ingredients in a pesticide product may be found on the front panel of the product label.

Pesticide Active Ingredients for Point Sale Notification
Acephate Deltamethrin Pendimethalin
Alachlor Diphacinone Permethrin
Atrazine Diquat dibromide Phenothrin
Bensulide Disulfoton Potassium nitrate
Beta-cyfluthrin Esfenvalerate Resmethrin
Bifenthrin Fenpropathin Simazine
Bromethalin Fipronil Sodium nitrate
Carbaryl Imidacloprid Strychnine
Chlorophacinone Malathion Tetramethrin
Chlorothalonil Methoprene Tralomethrin
Cholecalciferol Naled Trifluralin
Cyfluthrin Oryzalin Warfarin
Cyhalothrin (lambda) Oxyfluorfen Zeta-cypermethrin
Cypermethrin PCNB  

In addition to providing the shelf tags to the identified retailers, EPA has posted the above PDF file of the shelf tags to make them available to the public and to provide the identified retail establishments an efficient means to obtain additional shelf tags if they so desire. This PDF file is formatted to print on 8 x 11 sheets of 2x4 inch business cards, resulting in ten shelf tags per page.

In a Stipulated Injunction entered on May 17, 2010, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ordered EPA to:

The specific establishments to which the shelf tags must be provided are identified in Attachment E, which begins on page 46, of the Stipulated Injunction (PDF) (54 pp, 998.04K, About PDF)


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