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Response to Television Show Depicting Illegal Pesticide Human Study

A Law and Order: Special Victims Unit episode with a story line about pesticide testing aired on February 6.  The story depicted "research" involving intentional dosing of uninformed individuals, who were harmed by their exposure to an unregistered pesticide. The show was filled with factual inaccuracies.  The kind of testing depicted on the show violates multiple requirements in EPA’s regulations designed to protect all people from unethical research:

In February 2006 EPA issued a tough new regulation governing human testing for pesticides by pesticide companies and other parties not affiliated with the government.  Our rule put in place the nation’s strongest protections for subjects in third-party research, including:

For more information, see these Websites:

EPA’s Human Studies Web page;

The Common Rule, a set of existing requirements that govern the conduct of all human research performed by EPA and 18 other federal departments and agencies. 

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