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Glossary of Label Elements Included in GHS

Elements of GHS

Globally Harmonized System (GHS) specifies certain elements that should appear together on chemical labels. Like the current pesticide labeling system, hazard statements, pictograms (symbols), and signal words may be required on pesticide labels depending on the toxicity or hazards of the product, while precautionary statements, product identifiers, and supplier information are required on all labels. As some elements would change, EPA recognizes that GHS implementation will require extensive outreach, education and training to promote understanding of the new labels.

Aspects of Pesticide Regulation that GHS Does Not Affect

Implementing GHS would not change most aspects of the pesticide program. It would not affect supplemental information on labels (such as directions for use and additional hazard information, as long as the information does not contradict or detract from GHS label information), testing methods for health and environmental hazards, data requirements, the scope of hazards covered, policies governing the protection of Confidential Business Information (CBI), or risk management measures.

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