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Pesticide Product Certificate of U.S. Registration (Gold Seal Letter)

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Customs officials in other countries that are importing shipments of pesticide products from the United States will sometimes require proof that the products are registered in the United States before they will allow the products to enter their country. To help meet this need, EPA has established a procedure to assist U.S. exporters when a registered product is faced with these requirements of foreign countries. U.S. exporters can acquire a "Certificate of Registration" from the U.S. EPA Office of Pesticide Programs as proof that the pesticide product is registered in the United States.

The Certificate of Registration is commonly called a "gold seal letter" or "certificate of free sale." The Certificate of Registration certifies that the product being exported is legally registered under U.S. regulations (106 pp, 743K, About PDF) indicating the status of the product as of the date of the certificate. Equally important, the letter is accompanied by a copy of the approved product label that contains the product's use directions and precautions, because a U.S. registration is specific to the chemical and use. 

Gold Seal Letters are now a covered registration activity under the Pesticide Registration Improvement Extension Act (PRIA 3) which was implemented on October 1, 2012.  It’s PRIA 3 category is M006.  A request for up to five letters of certification for one actively registered product is covered by the fee.  See the PRIA 3 Fee Schedule Tables or the Fee Determination Decision Tree for descriptions of the ten new inert categories, their PRIA 3 fees and corresponding decision review times.  If you have further questions regarding your application, call or e-mail.


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