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Completion of the Notice of Arrival Form for Use in the U.S. Own Use Import (OUI) Program

To import any pesticide product into the United States it is necessary to complete a Notice of Arrival (NOA) (PDF) (2 pp, 877 K, About PDF) form, which includes obtaining the signature of the EPA regional office with jurisdiction over the state in which the Port of Entry is located.  Note that these directions are different from those provided in the section on NAFTA labels that concerns importation of NAFTA labeled pesticide products.

Step 1:   Determine if the product you wish to purchase is currently available through the program. See section, “Products in the U.S. OUI Program and Where They Are Available for Sale in Canada.” Record the following information:

Step 2: Determine where the product you wish to purchase is available in Canada.  Record the following information:

Step 3 : Complete of the Notice of Arrival Form

Step 4: Take three copies of the form with you when you go to Canada. Two will be left with U.S. Customs, and one you will keep.

Step 5: Upon entry into Canada, the stated purpose of the visit would be to "purchase farm chemicals"; no forms or other information are required regarding the purchase.

Step 6: Upon return to the United States, you must present the purchased pesticide products for inspection along with the Notice of Arrival form (two copies) that was returned to you by the EPA regional office.  The Customs inspector will compare the information shown on the form with the information on the pesticide products.  Assuming that the information matches and the "Release Shipment" box was checked by the Regional office, you should be cleared to bring the product in immediately after paying any necessary duty.

Step 7: You should retain the Notice of Arrival Form in your records until the product is used in the event it is necessary for you to demonstrate that the imported pesticide product you are using was purchased by you for your own use on the farm listed on the NOA.  See the section, " Ensuring Own Use."

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