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Guidance for Prospective Importers Using the U.S. Own Use Import (OUI) Program

Those interested in utilizing the U.S. OUI program should follow the process outlined below:

  1. Determine the products currently available through this program; if you wish to purchase a product, record its brand name, registration number, major active ingredients and percentage of each, and unit size for use on the Notice of Arrival (NOA) form.
  2. Use this EPA Web site to determine where the product you are interested in purchasing is available in Canada and to obtain the contact information; record the establishment number of the location where it will be purchased and the name and street address for use on the NOA form.
  3. The registrants strongly recommend that you call the Canadian establishment to confirm the amount that you wish to purchase and the availability of that amount of product, and to review the requirements for the purchase, including whether it is necessary to sign a waiver of liability or other agreement, before going to Canada to purchase the product.
  4. Before going to Canada to purchase the product, you must complete a NOA form, including obtaining the signature of the appropriate EPA regional office, for presentation to U.S. Customs officials upon return to the United States.  See "Completion of the NOA Form for the U.S. OUI Program" for detailed instructions on how to complete the form for use in the OUI program.
  5. Familiarize yourself with other customs requirements, including the duty that may be charged on the product.  You may also wish to familiarize yourself with the services offered by customs brokers in the case that you decide to use these services or are referred by customs officials to a broker.  There are many Internet sites that explain and offer the services of import brokers who facilitate the import process (for a fee).

  6. Familiarize yourself with the program limitation that purchases under this program are strictly for your own use.  In particular, you should have a copy of the NOA form used to import your product showing your name and the location of your farm.  The NOA should be retained in your records until you have used the product and the product is, therefore, no longer in your possession.  See "Ensuring Own Use."

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