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Label Review Manual - Table of Contents

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The Agency is interested in optimizing the usefulness of the Label Review Manual (LRM) as a tool for understanding the pesticide labeling process. The LRM is also useful in understanding approaches for how labels should generally be drafted. As always, the Agency will consider each label on its own merits and will consider deviations from Agency policy in labeling under the appropriate provisions of FIFRA and its implementing regulations.

EPA considers this document to be an instructional aid that does not establish new guidance, but instead compiles extant interpretations of statutory and regulatory provisions and reiterates existing Agency policies.

Errors or suggestions for the LRM can be submitted to the Agency at our Pesticide Labeling Consistency Web site, Pesticide Labeling Questions and Answers page.

Chapter 1: Purpose of the Manual (PDF) (3 pp, 441k)
July 2011
Chapter 2: What is a Pesticide? (PDF) (11 pp, 549k)
July 2011
Chapter 3: General Labeling Requirements (PDF) (15 pp, 577k)
May 2012
Chapter 4: Types of Label Reviews (PDF) (12 pp, 569k)
December 2011
Chapter 5: Ingredient Statement (PDF) (16 pp, 490k)
May 2012
Chapter 6: Use Classification (PDF) (5 pp, 514k)
January 2012
Chapter 7: Precautionary Statements (PDF) (17 pp, 591k)
July 2012
Chapter 8: Environmental Hazards (PDF) (15 pp, 586k)
September 2012
Chapter 9: Physical or Chemical Hazards (PDF) (7 pp, 517k)
September 2012
Chapter 10: Worker Protection Labeling (PDF) (27 pp, 623k)
September 2013
Chapter 11: Directions for Use (PDF) (32 pp, 677k)
October 2013
Chapter 12: Labeling Claims (PDF) (13 pp, 539k)
November 2013
Chapter 13: Storage and Disposal (PDF) (56 pp, 567.08k)
July 2013
Chapter 14: Identification Numbers (PDF) (6 pp, 523k)
November 2012
Chapter 15: Company Name and Address (PDF) (4 pp, 494k)
November 2012
Chapter 16: Graphic & Symbols on Labels (PDF) (5 pp, 469k)
November 2012
Chapter 17: Content/Net Weight Statement (PDF) (3 pp, 488k)
November 2012
Chapter 18: Unique Product Labeling (PDF) (13 pp, 423k)
September 2013

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