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Exemption for Crop Advisors under the Current WPS


Certified or licensed crop advisors and persons under their direct supervision are exempt from certain WPS provisions except for pesticide safety training.

The exemption applies only after the pesticide application ends and while performing crop advising tasks.

The exemption describes what constitutes "direct supervision" and the information that crop advisors must convey to those under their direct supervision.

Certified or licensed crop advisors do not have to get WPS pesticide handler training if they have received equivalent information for their certification or license.

As handlers under the WPS, crop advisors may enter treated areas during application and during the restricted-entry interval without time limitations, if they wear the personal protective equipment (PPE) required on the pesticide labeling and the other protections required for handlers, including decontamination supplies, emergency assistance, monitoring and special instructions for handlers.

Employees of agricultural establishments who perform crop advisor tasks in a treated area within 30 days of the expiration of the restricted-entry interval must receive the same protections as workers under the WPS.

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