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PPDC is a chartered Committee under the Federal Advisory Committee Act and generally meets about three times per year. Several members of PPDC are also members of the TRAC FACA; as such, fewer meetings were held during the past year when TRAC met several times during the summer and fall. EPA intends to schedule two more PPDC meetings this calendar year -- likely to begin following the last TRAC meeting.

A PPDC meeting was held January 7-8, 1999. The following topics were discussed:
Strategy for Inert (or "other") ingredients in pesticide products;
Bt resistance management;
Update on FQPA implementation activities (science policies, preliminary risk assessments and refinements for organophosphates, risk management approaches, registration review, consumer brochure);
Pesticide program accomplishments for FY 98;
Rodenticide workgroup;
Ecological standards workgroup recommendations; and
PPDC membership/future meeting planning activities.

As a result of the January meeting, several follow-up activities are underway. A report to the PPDC is under development and will be provided to PPDC members by early March.

PPDC Membership: At the January meeting, several members echoed the sentiment to keep the PPDC membership roughly the same size as currently (about 27 members) but felt a few additional members would be appropriate from the following sectors: organic/sustainable agriculture; a State Attorneys General office representative; and a non-agricultural representative from small business (e.g., formulator/distributor). The Agency is considering adding representatives from these categories before the next PPDC meeting.

In addition, the current membership and Committee Charter will expire in Fall 1999, at which time the Agency intends to renew the Charter, invite back about half of the current membership for continuity, and invite new applicants for membership. Appropriate balance and geographic diversity will again be an important consideration for PPDC membership.

Future PPDC Meeting Topics: Several topics are under consideration for the next PPDC meeting at the suggestion of PPDC members. These include: the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program and incentives for partners; applicator training; several farmworker issues (Worker Protection Standard enforcement status, implementation of protections called for in Reregistration Eligibility Documents, poisoning incident data and how it is used, and presentation of a report by the Farmworkers Support Committee in Glassboro, New Jersey), and the issue of how to base tolerances for pesticides no longer used but which still have residues.

OPP maintains a docket for the PPDC (#00437) and a website:

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