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The following list includes the science policy documents that EPA is releasing for public comment. It lists the publication date for those that have already been published in draft and the month EPA expects to publish the others. It also includes several related documents that will be released for public comment but that are not part of the nine science policies. See UPDATE BRIEFING PAPER #1 for a copy of the October 29 Federal Register notice.

Applying the FQPA 10-Fold Safety Factor

Dietary Exposure Assessment - Whether and How to Use Monte Carlo Analyses and the 99.9 Percentile Issue

Exposure Assessment - Interpreting "No Residues Detected"

Dietary Exposure Estimates

Drinking Water Exposures

Assessing Residential Exposure

Aggregating Exposures from all Non-Occupational Sources

How to Conduct a Cumulative Risk Assessment for Organophosphate or Other Pesticides with a Common Mechanism of Toxicity

Selection of Appropriate Toxicity Endpoints (or Critical Effects) for Risk Assessments of Organophosphates

Other Policies

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