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Staff Paper #20

Outline for Federal Register Notice on the Announcement of Framework for Refining FQPA Science Policies

I. Summary

II. Background

A. What is FQPA?
B. The first two years

1. Developed interim approach to make decisions

2. Developed science policies necessary to keep program moving

a. Evolving process
b. Public process (SAP, PPDC, etc.)

III. Current Process

A. At development and refinement stage on nine key issues
B. As directed by Vice President, efforts on transparency and consultation
C. TRAC suggested focus on science policy issues
D. Next few months, EPA will put nine issues through notice and comment. The following TRAC papers will be included in their entirety:
  1. Applying the FQPA 10-fold safety factor
2. Dietary Exposure Assessment - Whether and How to Use Monte Carlo Analyses and the 99.9% issue
3. Exposure Assessment - Interpreting "No Residues Detected"
4. Dietary Exposure Estimates
5. Drinking Water Exposure
6. Assessing Residential Exposure
7. Aggregating Exposures from all Non-occupational Sources
8. How to Conduct a Cumulative Risk Assessment for Organophosphate or Other Pesticides With a Common Mechanism of Toxicity
9. Selection of Appropriate Toxicity Endpoints for Risk Assessments of Organophosphates

E. While refining these issues, EPA will use the policies described in these interim documents when making decisions on Section 3 registrations, Section 18 decisions, tolerance reassessments, and other decisions.

IV. TRAC Papers "Framework for Refining FQPA Science Policy"

V. TRAC Table "Framework for Refining FQPA Science Policy"

VI. TRAC Paper "Preliminary Schedule for Release of Guidance on Science Policy Issues"

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