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Agenda for FQPA Background Briefing for TRAC Members

Room 1126 (Fishbowl), Crystal Mall #2, 1921 Jeff Davis Highway, Arlington, VA

May 27, 1998 (1:00 - 5:00)

1:00     Welcome and Introductions --

                      Lynn Goldman, M.D., Assistant Administrator
                      For Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances, EPA

                      James Aidala, Associate Assistant Administrator, OPPTS, EPA

                      Keith Pitts, Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary, USDA

1:15      Legal Background on FQPA Tolerance Reassessment Provisions and
              Application to OP's --

                      Robert Perlis, Office of General Counsel, EPA

2:00      Reregistration and Registration Processes (Section 3 and Section 18) -

                      Lois Rossi, Director, Special Review and Reregistration Division, EPA
                      Jim Jones, Director, Registration Division, EPA

2:30     Data on Hazard and Exposure (Types and Sources) --
                      Allen Jennings, Director, Office of Pest Management, USDA
                      Lois Rossi, Director, SRRD, EPA

3:00     Overview of Human Health Risk Assessment Process (including
              description of "Risk Cup") --
                      Randolph Perfetti, Associate Director, Health Effects Division, EPA

4:00      OP Use Profile by Broad Category --

                      Sherry Sterling, Acting Director, Biological &
                                 Economic Analysis Div., EPA
                      Allen Jennings, Director, Office of Pest Management, USDA

4:15      Tolerance Reassessment Scope, Schedule and Status --
                      Lois Rossi, Director, SRRD, EPA

4:35      USDA Background Issues --
                      Allen Jennings, Director, Office of Pest Management, USDA

5:00      Adjournment

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