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TRAC 7/13-14/98
Summary of Principles for Decision-Making Criteria

Overarching Principle:

To ensure that at the end of the process, overall risk has been reduced to required levels in a manner which protects food production and does not result in transfer of unacceptable risk from one group of pesticides to the alternatives.

I. Toxicity

Principle: To encourage use of less toxic pesticides where possible.

II. Dietary Exposure

Principle: To encourage use of pesticides that result in less dietary exposure to residues.

III. Importance to Agriculture

Principle: To maximize the availability of adequate and economically viable pest control tools for agriculture.

IV. Public Health

Principle: To ensure adequate control tools to meet public health needs.

V. Non-Dietary Exposures

Principle: To ensure use of pesticides that do not pose unreasonable worker or ecological risk.

VI. Other Considerations

Principle: To provide an additional "reality check" to the application of criteria.

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updated July 10, 1998