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TRAC 6/22-23/98

Staff Paper #8.1

Framework for Refining FQPA Science Policies

The new safety standard in FQPA has challenged the Agency to rethink existing science policies and to create new ones. To respond to this challenge, EPA is devising a framework (attached) that identifies the areas where science policy must be refined, summarizes our current approach, and outlines ongoing or future work. We intend to publish the framework for refining FQPA science policies in the Federal Register for public comment. Please advise us whether we have identified all the areas where policy must be developed to fully implement FQPA. Please comment on the appropriateness of our approach for each of these policy areas. We especially need your suggestions on the kind of policy document that would be most useful to you and other stakeholders. Our objective is for the policies, and the process for developing these policies, to be as transparent as possible.


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updated June 19, 1998