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TRAC 5/27/98

Staff Background Paper # 2.6

Key Terms in the Registration Program

FIFRA Section 3: Authorizes EPA to federally-register products for manufacture, sale, distribution, and use of a pesticide under the conditions established on the pesticide label. Many states require subsequent state-level registration before the product may be used in that State.

FIFRA Section 5: Allows EPA to issue Experimental Use Permits (EUPs) to allow prospective registrants to generate information (e.g., grower acceptance, refinements to application techniques, etc.) or data (e.g., residue field trials, efficacy, etc.) necessary to register a pesticide under Section 3 of FIFRA Pesticides under experimental use permits may not be sold or distributed other than through participants in the approved experimental use program. They may only be used at the application site of a cooperator in the program, and only in accordance with the terms and conditions of the experimental use permit.

FIFRA Section 18: EPA may exempt State and Federal Agencies from any provisions of FIFRA if EPA determines that emergency conditions exist which require an exemption. There are four types of emergency exemptions which may be authorized:

  1. Specific: To avert a significant economic loss, or a significant risk to endangered or threatened species, beneficial organisms, or the environment.
  2. Quarantine: To control the introduction or spread of any new pest or a pest not known to be widely prevalent within and throughout the United States and its territories
  3. Public Health: To control a pest that will cause a significant risk to human health
  4. Crisis: When the time from discovery of the emergency to the time when the pesticide must be used is insufficient to allow the authorization of a specific, quarantine, or public health exemption

FIFRA Section 24 (c): A state issued registration for a federally-registered pesticide for distribution and use only within that State to meet special local needs. States may register new end-use products or additional uses of federally registered pesticides under certain conditions:

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