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TRAC 5/27/98

Staff Background Paper # 7.1

USDA's National Agricultural Pesticide Impact Assessment Program (NAPIAP)

The National Agricultural Pesticide Impact Assessment Program (NAPIAP) is a cooperative effort between USDA and state and territory Land Grant institutions. The mission of NAPIAP is to promote informed regulatory decisions on agricultural pesticides. NAPIAP accomplishes this mission through the assessment and evaluation of pesticide use, benefits, and alternatives. The network of Land Grant cooperators provides USDA with the capability to respond quickly to pest management issues and questions.

Since enactment of the FQPA, NAPIAP priorities have been shifted to the development of state or regional crop-pest profiles. These crop-pest profiles will concisely describe crop horticultural and pest management practices, taking special note of the current pest management practices, critical pesticide uses, resistance management strategies, and IPM programs. To make the information more accessible by EPA and other stakeholders, crop-pest profiles will be linked to the NAPIAP home page.

When critical pesticide uses may be lost due to regulatory action under FQPA, the crop-pest profiles along with the Pipeline database will provide the basic information needed to develop transition strategies.

An example crop-pest profile and transition strategy are attached.

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