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Staff Paper 37B


(As of 4/20/99)

FQPA TRAC Science Policy Papers Status of Draft for Public Comment Status of Revision after Public Comment
1. Guidance for Identifying Pesticide Chemicals and Other Substances that Have a Common Mechanism of Toxicity Issued 8/6/98

Issued 2/5/99
2. Office of Pesticide Programs' Science Policy on the Use of Data on Cholinesterase Inhibition for Risk Assessments Issued 11/5/98 Due 5/99
3. Guidance for the Submission of Probabilistic Human Health Exposure Assessments to the Office of Pesticide Programs Issued 11/5/98 Due 8/99
4. Proposed Threshold of Regulation Policy When a Food Use Does Not Require a Tolerance Issued 12/4/98 Due 5/99
5. Assigning Values to Nondetected/ Nonquantified Pesticide Residues in Human Health Dietary Exposure Assessments Issued 12/4/98 Due 6/99
6. A Statistical Method for Incorporating Nondetected Pesticide Residues into Human Health Dietary Exposure Assessments Issued 12/4/98 Due 6/99
7. A User's Guide to Available OPP Information on Assessing Dietary (Food) Exposure to Pesticides Issued 1/4/99 Due 5/99
8. Dietary (Drinking Water) Exposure Estimates Issued 1/4/99 Due 7/99
9. Framework for Assessing Non-Occupational/Non-Dietary (Residential) Exposure to Pesticides Issued 1/4/99 Due 6/99
10. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Residential Exposure Assessment Issued 1/4/99 Due 6/99
11. Choosing a Percentile of Acute Dietary Exposure as a Threshold of Regulatory Concern (99.9 percentile) Issued 4/7/99 Due 9/99
12. 10X Task Force and OPP Guidance Documents (three documents altogether) Due 4/99 Due 9/99
13. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Use of the FQPA Factor Due 4/99 Due 9/99
14. Guidance for Performing Aggregate Exposure and Risk Assessment Due 5/99 Due 10/99
15. SOP: Interim Guidance for Conducting Aggregate Exposure and Risk Assessment Due 5/99 Due 10/99
16. Use of the Pesticide Data Program (PDP) in Acute Dietary Assessment Due 5/99 Due 10/99
17. Cumulative Risk Assessment Guidance Due 8/99 Due 2/00
18. Drinking Water Screening Level Assessment Due 8/99 Due 1/00
19. SOP for Drinking Water Assessments, including Reservoir Model Due 8/99 Due 1/00
Additional Related Papers
1. Data for Refining Anticipated Residue Estimates Used in Dietary Risk Assessments for Organophosphate Pesticides Issued 4/7/99 Due 9/99
2. Interim Early Assessment Policy for Organosphosphate Pesticides Due 4/99 Due 9/99
3. The Role of Use-Related Information in Pesticide Risk Assessment and Risk Management Due 4/99 Due 9/99
4. Interim Human Testing Policy Guidance Due 6/99 Due 11/99

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