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United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Pesticide Programs

October 8, 1999
Post-TRAC Activities
Staff Paper #47

Note To Reader:

The attached paper identifies the need to discuss potential methods for EPA and USDA to continue to obtain stakeholder input on various issues related to tolerance reassessment.

Since May 1998, EPA and USDA have successfully used the Tolerance Reassessment Advisory Committee (TRAC) to obtain recommendations from stakeholders on issues related to reassessing tolerances for the organophosphate pesticides. The October 1999 meeting is the seventh and final TRAC meeting.

EPA and USDA would like to continue with an open forum that provides for stakeholder consultation and discussion of issues such as those that were raised at TRAC. The agenda for the October 20-21 TRAC meeting provides time for discussion of potential post-TRAC activities. EPA and USDA would like to discuss with TRAC the mechanisms available to the Agency and the Department for continuing and enhancing transparency and stakeholder consultation. Ideas that could be considered include holding periodic workshops and updates on FQPA policy and implementation activities, establishing a new group or committee under FACA or adding a subcommittee under an existing FACA group, the frequency of meetings, workshops, or other events, and other mechanisms for continuing an open forum.

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