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DRAFT 8/12/98

(Revised 9/3/98)


Outcomes Consensual Approach* Agency Action if Consensus Cannot Be Reached
1. Changes in Use Reflected in Label Changes.


  • Increase Preharvest Interval.
  • Lower application rate.
  • Reduce number of permissible applications.
  • Soil type restrictions.

Registrant submits application for amendment to registration.

Registrant submits request for modification of tolerance.


"NOIC Unless" - The Agency issues Notice of Intent to Cancel unless label changes are made.

Modification of tolerances.

2. Change to Conditions of Registration.


  • Production cap.
  • Requirement to perform studies (e.g., confirmatory data).
  • Taking product off the market until conditions are met (suspended animation).
SAME AS #1ABOVE. There could be tolerance revocation during suspended animation.  

  • If there is a tolerance revocation during suspended animation.
3. Elimination of Use(s).


  • Deletion of one or more agricultural uses.
  • Deletion of one or more non-ag uses (e.g., residential uses or non-food uses that result in residues in water).

Registrant submits request for voluntary cancellation under FIFRA section 6(f).

Registrant submits request for tolerance revocation if food use.


NOIC Use(s): The Agency issues Notice of Intent to Cancel use(s).

Tolerance revocation of food use.

4. Elimination of Active Ingredient. SAME AS #3

(All registrants must do this)

  • Agency issues NOIC.
  • Revocation of tolerances.
5. Phase-Out: Delayed Elimination of Use(s) or Active Ingredient.
  • Cancel active ingredient or use(s) and/or revoke tolerance effective some time in the future to allow transition.
SAME AS #3 and #4, except registrant submits a "conditional FIFRA section 6(f)". Registrant will agree to voluntarily cancel provided they get a phase-out. SAME AS #3 or #4.

* A consensual approach requires that every affected registrant agrees.

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