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Registration Division (RD) Contacts

The Registration Division (RD) is responsible product registrations, amendments, registrations, tolerances, experimental use permits, and emergency exemptions for conventional chemical pesticides.

Name E-Mail Phone Area of Responsibility
Immediate Office
Fax: 703-305-6920
Lois Rossi rossi.lois@epa.gov 703-305-5447 Director
George (Jeff) Herndon herndon.george@epa.gov 703-305-6362 Associate Director
Dan Rosenblatt rosenblatt.dan@epa.gov 703-308-9366 Associate Director
Karen Samek samek.karen@epa.gov 703-347-8825 Special Assistant
Diane Isbell isbell.diane@epa.gov 703-308-8154 Special Assistant
Susan Jennings jennings.susan@epa.gov 706-355-8574 Public Health Coordinator
Stephen Schaible schaible.stephen@epa.gov 703-308-9362 Conventional Chemical PRIA Ombudsperson, Reduced Risk Coordinator
Sherada Hobgood hobgood.sherada@epa.gov 703-308-8893/
Ombudsperson (general)
Insecticide Branch
Deborah McCall mccall.deborah@epa.gov 703-605-0717 Branch Chief
Richard Gebken gebken.richard@epa.gov 703-305-6701 PM Team 10; pyrethrins, insect repellents, first generation certain synthetic pyrethroids, insect growth regulators
Mark Suarez suarez.mark@epa.gov 703-305-0120 PM Team 13; boric acid, methoxyfenozide, dichlorvos, spinosad and spinetoram; special projects: termiticide testing
Vacant     PM Team 11
Fax: 703-305-6920
Most organophosphates and carbamates, diflubenzuron, rodenticides, and vertebrate repellents
Meredith Laws laws.meredith@epa.gov 703-308-7038 Branch Chief
Venus Eagle eagle.venus@epa.gov 703-308-8045 PM Team 1; organophosphates, neonicotinoids
Vacant   703-305-7356 PM Team 7; mectins, vertebrate control products, rodenticides
Fungicide Branch
Fax: 703-305-6920
Cynthia Giles-Parker giles-parker.cynthia@epa.gov 703-305-7740 Branch Chief
Hope Johnson johnson.hope@epa.gov 703-305-5410 PM Team 21; fungicides, nematicides, and fumigants
Tony Kish kish.tony@epa.gov 703-308-9443 PM Team 22; fungicides, plant growth regulators, and fumigants
Shaja Joyner joyner.shaja@epa.gov 703-308-3194 PM Team 20; fungicides, fumigants, and plant growth regulators
Herbicide Branch
Fax: 703-308-5320
Dan Kenny kenny.dan@epa.gov 703-305-7546 Branch Chief
Kathryn Montague montague.kathryn@epa.gov 703-305-1243 PM Team 23; herbicides (phenoxys and aquatics)
Kable Davis davis.kable@epa.gov 703-306-0415 PM Team 25; herbicides (desiccants and defoliants)
Risk Integration Minor Use, and Emergency Response Branch
Fax: 703-605-0781
Marion Johnson johnson.marion@epa.gov 703-305-6788 Branch Chief
TaWanda Maignan maignan.tawanda@epa.gov 703-308-8050 Section 18 Team Leader; Section 18s and 24(c)s
Barbara Madden madden.barbara@epa.gov 703-305-6463 Minor Use Team Leader; IR-4 liaison, minor use policy
Technical Review Branch
Fax: 703-308-9382
John Redden redden.john@epa.gov 703-305-1969 Acting Branch Chief
Shyam Mathur mathur.shyam@epa.gov 703-308-9374 Product Chemistry Team Leader; review of product chemistry data
Masih Hashim hashim.masih@epa.gov 703-308-6551 Acute Toxicity Team Leader; review of acute toxicity studies for formulated products and review of precautionary labeling
Rosalind Gross gross.rosalind@epa.gov 703-308-7368 Child-Resistant Packaging (CRP)
Inert Ingredient Assessment Branch
PV Shah shah.pv@epa.gov 703-308-1846 Branch Chief
John Redden redden.john@epa.gov 703-305-1969 Alternative Risk Integration Assessment Team Leader; assessment and characterization of human health for pesticide registration activities including minor uses, emergency exemptions and experimental use petitions
Kerry Leifer leifer.kerry@epa.gov 703-308-8811 Inert Team Leader; Inert ingredient clearance requests
Registration Support Branch
Fax: 703-305-6920
Rachel Holloman holloman.rachel@epa.gov 703-305-7193 Branch Chief
Eleanor Thornton thornton.eleanor@epa.gov 703-305-6799 Registration kits and registration forms

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