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OP Preliminary Cumulative Risk Assessment: Health Effects Input Files

Information provided for informational purposes only

Note: This information is provided for reference purposes only. Although the information provided here was accurate and current when first created, it is now outdated.

This page contains brief descriptions and links to downloadable files used in OPP"s Preliminary OP Cumulative Assessment. ALL FILES used in the HED portion of the assessment (including the food, water, and residential pathways) have been assembled in the downloadable zipped file entitled all_files.zip.

The following paragraphs provide descriptions and downloadable linkages to the individual files which make up the assessment and may be of use to individuals who are interested in downloading only specific selected files.

These files are in ZIP Format and require a decompression utility such as Winzip Exit EPA disclaimer. The files are provided as-is and without guarantee. The documents may not be fully accessible using assistive technology. For this type of accessibility problem, please contact either Bill Wooge at (703) 308-8794 (wooge.william@epa.gov) or Kathleen Martin at (703) 308-2857 (martin.kathleen@epa.gov).

CumulativeFoodDatabase.zip (12.1 MB)

05FOOD.ZIP (447 KB)

water_files.zip (674 KB)


all_files.zip (14.4 MB)

residential_files.zip (494 KB)


05Food.zip contains DEEM input files (*.rdf and Preliminary.R98) for estimation of cumulative OP residues on food.

The rdf files contain cumulative residue distributions. They are named according to the food code and food form code from DEEM version 7 (i.e., 5211.rdf contains the cumulative residue distribution for apples, raw. 52=apples; 11=uncooked).

There is also a spreadsheet included, both in comma delimited text form and as a Microsoft Excel file, which summarizes the cumulative residue distributions.

"Preliminary.R98 is the DEEM input file for DEEM-fcid version 1.03.

To use an earlier version of DEEM a new "RS7" or similar type data-input file will have to be built. The rdf files can be used for the appropriate nonblended or partially blended foods and average residue values (see spreadsheet or file header) can be used for highly blended items.

CumulativeFoodDatabase.zip contains OP-Cumulative-Food.mdb, which is a Microsoft Access 2000 Database. This database contains all of the source data used in estimating the cumulative OP residues on food commodities. Briefly, the major data tables are as follows:

Various other data tables are self-explanatory

There are several built in queries for manipulation of the data. The most important ones are found in the following Forms (The underlying queries, etc. can be explored by examining the forms in design mode):

Please note that this database was designed as a tool for use within the Agency and is being provided to the public on an ┐as is basis. The queries, macros, and code modules contained therein were developed by the Agency for internal Agency use in Microsoft Access and were generated as part of the development and analysis of the inputs to the DEEM program. Although the complete set of data and tools (in the form of queries, macros, and code) is being made available to the public for their use and scrutiny, it is being placed on the website with the understanding that those individuals without extensive training or experience with MS Access or databases in general may not be able to fully utilize all the material or reliably duplicate or reproduce OPP"s results.


These files contain a time series of daily water concentration values (expressed in ppm methamidiphos equivalents) that were used in the OP CRA. Each of these files contains the water concentration data relevant to each of the 13 regions for which an analysis was performed, as detailed below:

Region 1 Heartland: HL_CumDist.csv

Region 2 Northern Crescent: NC_CumDist.csv

Region 3 Northern Great Plains: NGP_CumDist.csv

Region 4 Prairie Gateway: PG_CumDist.csv

Region 5 Eastern Uplands: EU_CumDist.csv

Region 6 Southern Seaboard: SS_CumDist.csv

Region 7a Fruitful Rim North Central Valley: SWFR_N_CumDist.csv

Region 7b Fruitful Rim South Central Valley: SWFR_S_CumDist.csv

Region 8 Basin and Range: BR_CumDist.csv

Region 9 Mississippi Portal: MP_CumDist.csv

Region 10 Fruitful Rim: NW NWFR_CumDist.csv

Region 11 Fruitful Rim: TX TXCumDist.csv

Region 12 Fruiful Rim: FL SEFR_CumDist.csv

These files are the input files used by Calendex to represent the daily water concentrations as developed from the region-specific output of EFED"s PRZM-EXAMS runs. They are assembled together in a downloadable zipped file entitled water_files.zip


The residential files are contained in the zipped files named under the convention ┐Rev Region XX.zip where XX indicates the region to which the zip files pertain (see listing of region numbers and associated names above). They can be downloaded from the web from a file called residential_files .zip. These files contain the specific AGM, AGX, SCN, and SRS files associated with the Calendex analysis.


Background information on the modifications to the USDA/EPA FCID (available from NTIS) and the DEEM-FCID used in DEEM/Calendex are presented here. A description of each of the files in the fcid.zip file is contained in the DEEM_FCID_Readme.wpd document.


CSFII 1994-96/1998 and FCID Ordering Information

Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals (CSFII) 1994-96, 1998 Exit EPA disclaimer (on CD ROM with search and retrieval software)

Department of Agriculture, Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center/ARS

Order No. PB2000-500027

$90. Price outside U.S., Canada, and Mexico is $180.

Food Commodity Intake Database (FCID) Exit EPA disclaimer (Raw Data File on CD-ROM)

United States Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Pesticide Programs

Order No. PB2000-500101

$125. Price outside U.S., Canada, and Mexico is $165.

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