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Public Involvement in Registration Review

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  • Opportunities to Participate in Pesticide Reevaluation

  • Public participation is an important aspect of the registration review program. Stakeholders and the public have opportunities for input, consultation and involvement throughout the registration review process. Public participation during registration review includes the following aspects.

    Registration Review Dockets

    A pesticide's registration review begins when EPA establishes and requests public comment on the docket for a registration review case. The registration review case docket contains a Summary Document that includes

    This document explains what EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs knows about the pesticide and our thought process for determining the anticipated data and assessment needs. During the comment period, anyone may submit relevant data or information for the Agency's consideration during a pesticide's registration review.


    EPA can meet with stakeholders regarding current or future registration reviews. For example,

    Input on Decisions

    EPA will generally request public comment on draft risk assessments (except those for low risk pesticides) and on proposed registration review decisions. The Agency may ask the public to suggest risk mitigation for pesticides posing risks of concern.

    Pesticide Program Dialogue Committee (PPDC) Workgroups - In 2007, as the Agency begins implementing the new registration review program, EPA is seeking stakeholder input from the PPDC on the docketing process, and the PPDC has formed a PPDC Registration Review Implementation Work Group for this purpose. Earlier, in 2004 and 2005, a PPDC Registration Review Workgroup provided recommendations to the full PPDC that resulted in valuable advice to the Agency in designing the proposed program.

    About public involvement - Information about EPA's Agency-level public involvement policies and programs.

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