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[Acute Exposure Guideline Levels (AEGLs) Program]


"In November 2011, the AEGL program adopted new changes to the development process of AEGL values. Read more".

The Development of Acute Exposure Guideline Levels (AEGLs) is a collaborative effort of the public and private sectors worldwide. AEGLs are intended to describe the risk to humans resulting from once-in-a-lifetime, or rare, exposure to airborne chemicals. The National Advisory Committee for the Development of Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Hazardous Substances (AEGL Committee) is involved in developing these guidelines to help both national and local authorities, as well as private companies, deal with emergencies involving spills, or other catastrophic exposures.

This Web site is aimed primarily at those interested in the scientific and policy work in developing AEGLs and those responsible for managing chemical emergency programs whose focus is addressing the risks of accidental airborne releases of hazardous substances.

This Web site provides the following information:

  • Basic Information – Learn about the AEGL Program’s history, definition of AEGL values, application of AEGL values, Standing Operation Procedures (SOPs) for developing AEGL values, specific technical tools used in the derivation of AEGLs, and contact information.

  • AEGL Committee Meetings and Minutes – Get the latest information on members of the committee, upcoming committee meeting dates and locations, and minutes for past meetings.

  • AEGL Committee Membership – Get the names of the committee’s members and staff.

  • AEGL Development Process – Find out how AEGL chemicals are reviewed and elevated thru the development process from draft to final AEGL status.

  • AEGL Chemical Data – Access AEGL Chemicals, Chemical Priority Lists and Technical Support Documents (TSDs) for specific AEGL chemicals.

  • Related Links – Obtain links to AEGL Federal Register Notices, National Academies’ publications of final AEGLs and more.

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