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AEGL Chemical Data


"In November 2011, the AEGL program adopted new changes to the development process of AEGL values. Read more".

The primary purpose of the AEGL Committee is to develop guideline levels for once-in-a-lifetime, short-term (not repeated chronic) exposures to airborne concentrations of acutely toxic, high-priority chemicals. AEGLs are needed for a wide range of applications in chemical emergency planning, prevention and response programs.

As decribed in the AEGL definitions, these exposure limits are intended to protect most individuals in the general population, including those that might be particularly susceptible to the deleterious effects of the chemicals. However, as stated in the guidelines and the definitions, it is recognized that certain individuals, subject to unique and idiosyncratic responses, could experience effects at concentrations below the corresponding AEGLs.

AEGL Values and Technical Support Documents for Specific AEGL Chemicals: Accessible by CAS Number or Chemical Name - A complete listing of AEGL values for all AEGL chemicals. Technical support documents are comprehensive documents for each AEGL chemical that provide an Executive Summary and detailed toxicological information, as well as rationale for development of AEGL values for that chemical, as available from the specific AEGL Chemical Web Page.

A listing of AEGL Values for Final, Interim, Proposed, or Holding Status Chemicals.

AEGL Chemical Priority Lists - Listings of all AEGL Priority Chemicals and their source.

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