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OncoLogic™, ECOSAR and AQUATOX

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A Tribute to Vince Nabholz

We honor Vince Nabholz--a cherished member of the OPPT family for over 25 years--who died in February 2008. Vince made significant contributions to the cause of protecting the environment as an expert environmental toxicologist and quantitative structure activity relationships analyst. Vince will be remembered as a trusted colleague and friend with a great sense of humor and passion for his work.

Tools and models are used in the hazard, exposure and risk assessment processes to evaluate both new and existing chemicals under TSCA when certain data are missing. OPPT uses and promotes the use of these models, including OncoLogic™ for health hazard evaluation, and ECOSAR and AQUATOX for environmental effects and fate.

OncoLogic™ is a stand alone computer program that evaluates the potential that a chemical may cause cancer. OncoLogic, which provides the scientific rationale for each evaluation along with the results, has been peer reviewed and runs on a Windows® PC. EPA's Web site provides a downloadable version of OncoLogic™ along with extensive information on proper use of the method. OncoLogic analyzes a chemical structure to determine the likelihood that it may cause cancer by applying the rules of structure activity relationship (SAR) analysis and incorporating knowledge of how chemicals cause cancer in animals and humans. OncoLogic is comprised of four subsystems that evaluate fibers, metals, polymers, and organic chemicals of diverse chemical structures.

ECOSAR (Ecological Structure Activity Relationships) is a personal computer software program that is used to estimate the toxicity of chemicals used in industry and discharged into water. The program predicts the toxicity of industrial chemicals to aquatic organisms such as fish, invertebrates, and algae by using Structure Activity Relationships (SARs). The program estimates a chemical's acute (short-term) toxicity and, when available, chronic (long-term or delayed) toxicity. ECOSAR also allows access to hundreds of SARs developed for 48 chemical classes. The SARs contained within the program are developed using test data. Many of the SAR predictions have been validated.

AQUATOX is a simulation model for aquatic systems. AQUATOX predicts the fate of various pollutants, such as nutrients and organic chemicals, and their effects on the ecosystem, including fish, invertebrates, and aquatic plants. This model is a valuable tool for ecologists, biologists, water quality modelers, and anyone involved in performing ecological risk assessments for aquatic ecosystems.


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