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OPPT Exposure Models

More on Cross-Cutting Programs

OPPT has a number of computer-based models which are used in the absence of measured data to estimate exposure. The Estimated Programs Interface (EPI) Suite™ model is used to provide screening-level estimates of physical/chemical and environmental fate and transport properties for chemicals. These properties are important in understanding how a chemical will behave in the environment and are informative in assessing exposure. OPPT uses this information to support regulatory decisions in its New Chemicals Program and in assessing existing chemicals.

The Internet Geographic Exposure Modeling System (IGEMS) brings together in one system several EPA environmental fate and transport models and some of the environmental data needed to run them. 

ReachScan estimates surface water chemical concentrations and populations served by drinking water utilities downstream from industrial facilities. 


Read more about EPI Suite™, IGEMS, and ReachScan and other OPPT exposure models.

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