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Assessing Results - OMB's PART

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The U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) developed the Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) in FY 2002 to assess the extent to which federal government programs are well-designed, well managed and are generating intended results. Fifty-three EPA programs have been evaluated through PART. Nearly all federal programs have been evaluated between FY 2002 and FY 2007 with re-evaluations completed as necessary.

Three OPPT programs have undergone PART assessments and are ranked in the top 10 highest among EPA programs assessed to date:

OPPT's Pollution Prevention (P2) Program received an 82.7 percent rating from OMB during its PART assessment in FY 2006. The assessment helped spur improvements in program design and integration of performance results across seven P2 programs to achieve national goals.

OPPT's Childhood Lead-based Paint Risk Reduction Program underwent its initial PART assessment in FY 2005, obtaining a 79 percent rating from OMB. As a result of the assessment, the program improved the processes of involving program partners and integrating EPA headquarters and regional office activities.

PART's continued recognition of the strength of OPPT's programs reflects the office's commitment to performance-based management -- setting ambitious yet achievable outcome goals, monitoring progress towards those goals, and using performance information in making key management decisions. It also reflects the support provided to program managers from OPPT's financial management system.


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