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OECD HPV Chemicals Program

More on Managing Existing Chemicals

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) High Production Volume (HPV) Chemicals Program is an international voluntary program in which EPA is an active participant.  Within the program, each participating country’s government works with industry to obtain screening-level toxicity data and other basic information on HPV chemicals.  Each country prepares assessments of these data for presentation at biannual meetings.  In addition to presenting chemical assessments, each meeting provides a forum for technical discussions.

Under the OECD HPV Chemicals Program, EPA is sponsoring a growing number of HPV chemicals. While the United States has committed to be responsible for 25 percent of the chemicals in this program, in practice it has currently handled 45 percent and has committed to review approximately 500 chemicals between 2005 and 2010. Read the HPV Challenge section of this report for more information.

Through its participation in the OECD HPV Chemicals Program, the United States benefits from the review of HPV chemicals by a wide group of international experts. Further, the United States strengthens relationships with the international community through this cooperative effort. Publication of the final OECD screening-level assessments offers the public a concise view of the human health and ecological hazards associated with international HPV chemicals.


View published cases on specific chemicals through the United Nations Environment Program Exit EPA Disclaimer or European chemical Substances Information System Exit EPA Disclaimer Web sites.

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