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Green Suppliers Network

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to Prevent Pollution

The Green Suppliers Network is an OPPT program helping companies that comprise the supply chain of large manufacturers to save money while reducing pollution and preserving resources. By providing technical assistance in lean manufacturing and pollution prevention techniques, the Green Suppliers Network improves suppliers' productivity, efficiency, and environmental performance.

The Green Suppliers Network is a collaborative venture among industry, EPA, and the U.S. Department of Commerce's Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). The Green Suppliers Network works with all levels of the manufacturing supply chain to improve processes and minimize waste generation. Through onsite technical reviews, suppliers continuously learn ways to increase energy efficiency, identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize resources and technologies to eliminate waste. The result has been more effective processes and products with higher profits and fewer environmental impacts.

The program worked with the Lean and Environment Initiative in EPA's Office of Policy, Economics and Innovation to create a toolkit for companies that helps them reduce costs while reducing waste and resource use.

The Green Suppliers Network is available to any manufacturing sector. Currently, the aerospace, automotive, healthcare/pharmaceutical, office furniture and utility industries are leading the way and benefiting from the Green Suppliers Network.


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