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Assess Cancer-Causing Potential of Chemicals through OncoLogic™

What is OncoLogicT?

OncoLogicT is a personal computer software program developed under a cooperative agreement between EPA's Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT) and LogiChem, Inc. EPA purchased the right to the system and has made it available for free distribution to the public as of 2005. OncoLogicT can analyze a chemical structure to determine the likelihood that it may cause cancer. This is done by applying the rules of structure activity relationship (SAR) analysis and incorporating knowledge of how chemicals cause cancer in animals and humans. OncoLogicT is comprised of four subsystems that evaluate fibers, metals, polymers, and organic chemicals of diverse chemical structures.

How Community Groups Can Use OncoLogic™

The general public is advised to seek assistance from chemists, carcinogenesis experts, and other environmental health specialists when using OncoLogicT. Specific information about the structure of the chemical compound must be available to use this program. The software then assesses the likelihood that the chemical compound may be carcinogenic and provides an explanation of the reasoning used to arrive at the assessment.

More information and to download OncoLogic™.

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