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Chemical Data Reporting (CDR)

Non-confidential IUR Production Volume Information

Production Volume Information

If you have problems downloading, installing, accessing or using the databases on this site, please contact Darryl Ballard (ballard.darryl@epa.gov) by email or by calling (202) 564-8958.

The file on this page contains non-confidential information from reports filed under the IUR for the 1986, 1990, 1994, 1998, and 2002 reporting cycles. The file can be used to determine if a chemical was reported to the IUR and the range of its national aggregate production volume. Future updates to this file will be made available on this website.

This file contains chemical names and associated aggregate production volumes for all non-confidential chemicals reported under the IUR. In order to protect the claims of confidential business information (CBI) asserted by some IUR reporters on the amount of chemical substance manufactured or imported at a specific site, all production volumes reported by all IUR reporters for each chemical were combined for an aggregate total. In order to further protect CBI claims, aggregate production volumes for IUR chemicals are provided in the following ranges:

  • 10,000 pounds - 500,000 pounds
  • > 500,000 - 1 million pounds
  • > 1 million - 10 million pounds
  • > 10 million - 50 million pounds
  • > 50 million - 100 million pounds
  • > 100 million - 500 million pounds
  • > 500 million - 1 billion pounds
  • Over 1 billion pounds

PLEASE NOTE: Some companies claimed the identity of chemicals reported under the IUR as confidential. This file contains no information on chemicals claimed confidential by the submitter. Other chemicals reported under the IUR were not on the TSCA Inventory of Chemical Substances. Those chemicals are also not included in this file. Updates to this file will be made as companies drop CBI claims or other amendments are made to the IUR filings that affect information contained on this page.

The IUR Production Volume Ranges file contains the following fields:

  • CAS Registry Number
  • 1986 Range
  • 1990 Range
  • 1994 Range
  • 1998 Range
  • 2002 Range
  • Chemical Name

The file can be downloaded in Microsoft Access format. MDB files require the database application program, MS Access. This file is in a self-extracting compressed file format. After copying the file to your preferred location, double-click on the file, and the mdb file will be extracted.

Download the 1986 - 2002 IUR Production Volume Ranges in MDB Format.

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