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Robust Summaries & Test Plans: 2-Propenamide, N-(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)-

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Please download the PDF version for offline use. The print quality is much better than that of the web pages.

Cover Letter   (PDF Format)

Test Plan  (PDF format)

Test Plan Revision/Updates    February 26, 2004
     Transmittal Letter  (PDF format)
     Revised Test Plan (PDF format)
     Revised Summaries (PDF format)

Test Plan Revision/Updates    August 24, 2010
     Transmittal Letter (PDF)  (1 p. 70 kb)  About PDF)
     Revised Test Plan (PDF) (15 pp., 967 kb)  About PDF)
     Revised Summaries (PDF) (27 pp., 1.6 mb)  About PDF)

Summaries  (PDF format)


     May 13, 2003
     Comments  (PDF Format)

Animal Protection Organizations
     May 16, 2003
     Comments  (PDF Format)

Environmental Defense
     May 5, 2003
     Comments  (PDF Format)

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