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Robust Summaries & Test Plans: 5,5-Dimethylhydantoin


EPA is posting submissions to EPA related to the HPV Challenge Program for the purposes of making them more easily accessible to the public and inviting public comment on them. EPA is posting these submissions verbatim without editing them in any way. EPA has not evaluated the submissions on their merits prior to posting. In some cases, submitters have chosen to include information that goes beyond the scope of the HPV Challenge Program guidance, e.g., exposure information and risk characterizations. The Agency has neither reviewed nor evaluated the information contained in these submissions, and EPA cannot attest to their accuracy or sufficiency. Posting of a submission on this website does not constitute an endorsement by EPA of the submission or of any other information contained in the submission.

Download in PDF format.

Please download the PDF version for offline use. The print quality is much better than that of the web pages.

Cover Letter  (PDF Format)

Test Plan  (PDF format)

Test Plan Revision/Updates    April 26, 2004
     Transmittal Letter  (PDF format)

Summaries  (PDF format)


     December 2, 2003
     Comments   (PDF Format)

Environmental Defense
     December 1, 2003
     Comments   (PDF Format)


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