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C9 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Fraction: Ethyltoluenes and Trimethylbenzenes Test Results

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CAS No. 70693-06-0

ITC Designation - Tenth and Eleventh Reports
47 FR 22585; May 25, 1982
47 FR 54626; December 3, 1982

Proposed Test Rule (PRM)
48 FR 23088; May 23, 1983

Final Test Rule (FRM)
50 FR 20662; May 17, 1985
American Petroleum Institute

Proposed Test Rule/Test Standards (PRMT)
51 FR 10557; March 27, 1986

Final Test Rule/Test Standards (FRMT)
52 FR 2522; January 23, 1987

54 FR 27352; June 29, 1989

Project Manager: K. McCormack, P. Wirdzek, R Troast (Ethyltoluene - mixed isomers), R. Nelson, N. Chaudhari (Trimethylbenzene/Ethyltoluene/C9)

Section Chief: N. Merrifield

Status: Closed. All required tests have been completed. Test results have been forwarded to the Risk Assessment Division for review and disposition.

Announced Receipt of Test Data

The American Petroleum Institute (API) submitted the following mutagenicity studies with C9 aromatic hydrocarbon fraction: Ames/Salmonella microsome reverse mutation assay; in vitro cytogenetic assay measuring sister chromatid exchange frequency; CHO/HGPRT forward mutation suspension assay; in vitro cytogenetic assay measuring chromosomal aberrations in CHO cells; in vivo mutagenic-potential bone marrow cytogenetic test (rats) (53 FR 6198; March 1, 1988).

The API submitted: inhalation neurotoxicity study with C9 aromatic hydrocarbon fraction (rats) including a pathology report (53 FR 23450; June 22, 1988).

API submitted an inhalation developmental toxicity study (mice) (53 FR 27564; July 21, 1988). 

API submitted a 3-generation reproduction/fertility study (rats) (53 FR 36050; August 31, 1989).

Results of Testing Table

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